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WOW! I havent updated in a veri long time! Well everithing is LOVELY in my lil world I still have the most amazing boyfriend and group of friends I realli have no idea wat else to say.....Bye!

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Whats the worst that I could say...Lets see \/\/\/\/\/\/\/

Ok this entry mite not make mani happi but at this point I dont give a fuck!!! Lately I have been veri VERI bitter and irritated! I cant stand my life anymore I REALLY can't. Lets see shall we...

My family is having a pointless argument over petty shit though I am pissed off about it but there are bigger problems than this!

My friends, I love them to death but petty shit is also happening with them, Not pointing fingers at anyone but this baby shit has to stop, I know I havent been the greatest friend but realli come one people!

My relationship in my opinion is not there at the moment!

My job is BULLSHIT cause I asked to go back to fulltime cause school is over and for now they told me to keep my 15 hours which is crap cause I need to money veri badly cause there is ALOT I need/want to do! Get appartment, car...Now im either gonna quit or get a new job!

But the onli good thing at the moment is yesterday I got see Ashley which was great, Kat and I went over there for a bit, We also went to Mt.Misery cause I never drove through it and Kat has never been there we both were scared shitless and Becki was fine cause she was scaring us, Then to my suprise I saw Bryan First who I never thought id see and it was nice to see him, I will prob see him in 3 months when he goes back to skool like usual!

PHONE CALLS PEOPLE (mine and Danielles theory) There is no need to keep calling, If you call and leave a meas. obv I will get it! And if you alert me once then dont do it again cause I will get it!
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Ok heres the deal, from now on all my journal entries are going to be friends only so that means you have to be on my friends list and be logged in to view my journal. if u can read ne entries after this one then ur fine
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Hopeless love why did you have to carve your home in me

Last nite was realli weird, I was so tired I didnt answer any phone calls "sorry Ashley,Laura,Jules & Becky" im not goin to say sorry to Trix cause I have no idea why he called me anyway I forgot to mention that I cut and died my hair and of course my parents hate it (no suprise there) I like it, it's still kind of long but its DARK, I couldnt go black so I will settle for what I got!

Bored so I took a quiz...

Your Love Number is


Who you fall in love with is all about who you trust.
Loyalty is important to you, and you want the most faithful of lovers.
In return, you never let your heart or eyes wander.
Open and honest, your relationships tend to be free of secrets.

lOOk at that, I got 6 that's so cute! hehe*
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Taken from Ashley

Well lets see ashley is here and we are bored, we gots cabin fever and a side of nite fever nite fever hahahahan ok well here ya go and enjoy

1-Who has had the biggest impact on your life in the past year?...And why so?

2-In the past year what would you say is your favorite memory?...Why?

3-In the past year what is one thing that you regret?...Why?

4-If you could be anywhere at this moment in time where would you be and with whom would you be with?

5-What is the most Meaningful*Thoughtful*Special thing someone has done for you in the past year?

Peace <33
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I'm so happy oh so happy haha im in the computer lab rite now with Danielle and she is being her usual hysterical self, oh god i cant with her. Im so exhausted right now i was up to a lil after 2:30 am talking to Jeff but that's ok cause I LOVE HIM!!! hehe ;) I really dont know what to write...hmmm well Danielle juss let out a huge burp in the middle of the computer lab...god i cant breath this is to funni well im gonna go smoke a cigg. peace <33

i LOVE you BoO!!!
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Wow im actually shocked...My mom is letting me get a tattoo she wants me to get it on my shoulder not my ankel...im not exactly sure what i want i have one thing in mind and then Ashley is drawing up another one for me...Im VERI excited and i cant wait*** Last nite was hystericall RiZzlE you rule!!!!! I LOVE my friends they are the only reason that im still in NY otherwise i would be outta here! Idk wat else to write ummm....Peace <33

I Love My Baby <33
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Last nite was Crazi!!!! I was taken to Kings Park where there was an abandoned insane asylum!!! NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I honestly thought i was gonna die! At this point i wish i did

On behalf of every man
Looking out for every girl
You are the god and the weight of her world





A Combo of Matchbook Romance-Promise & And Then I Turned Seven-Under The Stars
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I have a new background that i wana put up but i keep having a problem with it GRRRRR! Anyway im so stressed out....People wonder why i am the way i am n why i do wat i do i realli cant be here anymore everithing is only going to get worse for me i know it...but....where am i to go?/? :\
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